Web Design

Sometimes the actual design of the website is the last consideration, if considered at all. Is it responsive, wordpress, and hosting options leave the design in the dust. I think design is the most important. It's the part that speaks to your audience, and really, isn't that what it's all about?


Often when a small business decides to update their website, they also realize that the entire brand needs updating. We'll take an honest look at your current brand and evaluate whether or not it's still working for your business.


WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) for your website! It's easy to use, supported by a worldwide community, and it's cost-effective for what you are able to achieve with a data-based website.


After teaching Web and Graphic Design at College of Visual Arts, Augsburg College, and General Assembly, I'm offering tutoring in web design, CSS, HTML, Illustrator and Photoshop through Wyzant online tutoring service. Let me know if you need more info.


I'm an experienced web and graphic designer with a focus in UI (making it appealing and functional), logos and identity. Though I have done extensive work for large corporations like NWA, Varig Airlines and ADP, now I primarily work with smaller companies, either start-ups or small businesses. My services includes web design, UI, HTML emails, web maintainence, front-end development, wordpress, feature graphics and banners, tradeshow graphics, magazine ads, brochures and logos. I'm fluent in HTML, CSS, responsive design, and the latest Adobe Creative Suite applications.

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Quotes from clients

"Thanks a million. I really enjoyed working with you, and I'm getting super comments on the website!"


"Thank you for your great work. We absolutely love what you are doing for us. It has given us a professional look and I am convinced it will lead to a big splash."